Too Much About Me!

This is where you can find me in summer! (Unless I'm working on your project.)

This is where you can find me in summer!
(Unless I'm working on your project.)

Why This Consulting Business?

I had a 25+ year career in information technology in the Chicago area. I worked on some great projects, but I got tired of the traffic and the noise and the emphasis on getting and possessing. I wanted to be in a place of great natural beauty, and to surround myself with people who are in tune with the spirit of nature.

I have always tried to use my creative talents in business, and I got a wonderful opportunity when luck made it possible for me to help the Madeline Island School of the Arts get started. In that position I learned a lot about this area and its people, and I decided that this was the place I wanted to be. Since then I've shared area information with visitors while working at the Madeline Island Ferry Line Information Station and at the Madeline Island Museum. I've continued to enjoy living here, attending as many local events - artistic and environmental and non-profit - as I can fit in. I've gotten to know local artists and owners of local businesses. I've met so many good people with amazing talent and ideas!

I was looking for a way to use my creative and business talents, and also make a contribution to this wonderful community. In 2012, the La Pointe Center for the Arts on Madeline Island gave me a grant to study website creation from a design point of view. That opportunity got me back into catching up on the most recent technology, and I realized that I could use my technical skills and my creativity to help people in this community realize their dreams. Voila! This consulting business was born!

At a Fashion Show on Madeline Island

At a Fashion Show on Madeline Island

On the Ice Road between Madeline Island and Bayfield.

On the Ice Road between Madeline Island and Bayfield.


My Technical Experience

It's important for you to know that I have lots of experience in applying technology to create business solutions. I've worked successfully with numerous clients from diverse businesses and backgrounds. I can help you realize your goals!


The Early Years: Systems Analyst/Developer/Database Analyst

Way back when, after college (University of Chicago, University of Illinois, and University of Arizona), I was accepted into Kemper Insurance's coveted Programmer Training Class. I was promoted to Systems Analyst on their Automobile Insurance System, and later became a Database Designer/Analyst.

At Dart & Kraft (Kraft Foods, Duracell, West Bend, Tupperware) I got to manage my first complete systems development project - a Patent System. I did the whole shebang, from requirements definition through systems and database design, to user documentation and training. I led a staff of five during the two year project. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so this system actually installed with only one bug - a print line on one report was out of alignment. I believe in testing! While at D&K I took lots of classes from the movers and shakers in emerging technologies. I worked on Trademark, Stock Options and Retirement systems.



Systems Designer

I managed another complete system development project while at John Crane Inc., a manufacturer of sealing devices for pumps and compressors. This was a search system for all their various engineering designs (so they wouldn't recreate the seal), and it used leading-edge technology. I also created a Disaster Recovery Plan for the company's computer systems.

I won't bore you with descriptions of ALL my projects. At Abbott Labs I worked on their Order Entry system. At Hewitt Associates I installed a Payroll system using relational databases.

Then I switched to consulting because I loved variety and the opportunity to continually learn about new businesses and technologies. For example, I worked at Household Finance on a Banking project and at McDonalds on Marketing, Payroll and Accounting systems. I helped McDonalds implement their first large Local Area Network.


Director of Consulting Services

The owner of Synectics, a consulting company I worked for, observed my interactions with clients and other consultants, and asked me to join her office staff as Director of Consulting Services. In this position I oversaw our consulting relationships with most of the major corporations in the Chicago area, along with occasionally doing high-level consulting myself. I was one of the team responsible for the success of the company, which quadrupled in size while I was there. I got to try my hand at all sorts of things, and continued to take classes and study to keep up with changing technology



After Synectics I consulted with high level executives at several companies in the Chicago area, including Hewitt Associates, Walgreens and Pearson Publishing. I added Recruiting, Legal, Financial, Events and Publishing systems to my resume.

Technology has changed over the years. Large, localized computers have given way to huge banks of servers and a seemingly endless variety of personal computing devices, all connected to the world via the internet. My technical skills have grown and changed with the times. I have learned so many tools and systems that I can't name them all here, but Microsoft, Apple and the Internet are integral to my toolkit. 

My wide experience will help me tackle your project quickly! 

Ice Caves Long View.jpg
Touring the Ice Caves 2014

Touring the Ice Caves 2014

Nonni and girls at Madeline Island's Fourth of July Parade

Nonni and girls at Madeline Island's Fourth of July Parade

The Other Me

I am the proud mother of My-Beautiful-Daughter-The-Dentist, have a handsome son-in-law who loves to play golf, and two perfect granddaughters, who are always eager to visit Madeline Island, when they can get away from their busy lives in a northern suburb of Chicago.

I love to garden and design gardens - I have a certificate in Ornamental Plant Materials from the Chicago Botanic Garden. I am active in environmental concerns. I believe small, local businesses are our future. I dabble in all sorts of artistic and crafty pursuits. Perhaps you will see some of my work at a local shop soon!